Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Lava Shell Massage, Aromatherapeutical Facial
- using essential oils for health and well being

Aromatherapy is the branch of herbalism which improves physical and emotional wellbeing by the systematic use of essential oils (substances extracted from the roots, stalks, flowers, leaves or fruit of a plant). The oils penetrate the body through the skin or lungs to the bloodstream and to the limbic system (part of the brain concerned with memory and emotion) where smell is registered. The oils may be used in a variety of ways: massage, baths, compresses, vapourisation or inhalation.


The physical benefits of massage are well known and include improving blood circulation, aiding pain relief and easing tension, cramp and stiffness in the muscles. The deep relaxation which results from massage is the benefit most noted. A specialist Massage in Pregnancy  is available.

Aromatherapy is very relaxing and can help stress, tension and depression. It can also offer other benefits: a course of treatment may lead to an improvement in respiratory or urinary infections, may be of benefit for skin conditions such as acne or eczema and for digestive problems or menstrual difficulties. 

COST: A full body massage lasts an hour and costs £35.00

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Lava Shells are the world's first naturally self-heating massage tool.
Each Lava Shell is a 100% natural tiger clam shell. It is sourced in the Philippines and is collected from a food waste product. This not only provides food but also jobs for the local industry on the island. The locals prepare the shell for use in massage by sand polishing it  to a smooth tool and glueing it back together and cutting a small hole to place the sachet and activator inside.
The dry sachet contains minerals of Magnesium and Iron, mixed with absorptive powders. The activator is a saline solution and is poured on to the dry sachet inside the shell. This forms the exothermic reaction which creates the heat.
The Lava Shell massage is of benefit where heat is helpful, giving deep relaxation. Heat is helpful where there are aches and pains after sports injuries, for menstrual cramps, digestive problems, depression, stress and lethargy and for anyone who feels the cold, a good all round winter treatment.

The cost of a full body Lava Shell treatment is £50.00 and uses 3 shells.
Incorporating shell treatment to the back, shoulders and neck within a full body treatment costs £40.00.and uses 2 shells.

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The face is a complicated and delicate structure in constant use, with dozens of muscles acting in unison to create hundreds of expressions as we laugh, cry, talk, smile. It is also the first place in the body where stress appears and can cause the scalp, eye, jaw and mouth regions to tighten and which can result in a wide variety of ailments such as headaches, hair loss, eyestrain, neck and shoulder problems.
Facial muscles, subject to continual stress and tension, exact a high price - they are the principal cause of premature ageing as the muscles lose their elasticity, the skin loses its tone and wrinkles start to multiply.


  • improves venous and lymphatic circulation
  • stimulates cellular function and rejuvenation
  • relaxes muscles
  • increases vascular activity
  • tightens and tones skin
  • increases the removal of waste products
  • relaxes the mind and feels good

An aromatherapeutic facial comprises cleansing and toning the face and the application of a clay face mask to draw impurities from the skin. A relaxing massage of the shoulders, neck and face completes the treatment.

COST: The facial takes an hour and costs £35.00  (£45.00 using shells)

Card, cash, cheques or bank transfer

Vouchers always available for all treatments

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