Ear Candles

Ear Candles

Using Ear Candles for relaxation and to relieve sinusitis and headaches and to help remove ear wax
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Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance Testing

Food Intolerance Testing using muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology techniques) to test for Food Intolerances.
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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine using herbal remedies in tinctures, teas or in creams, to treat many acute and chronic conditions.
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Hypnotherapy using hypnosis to help with problems that negatively affect your life.
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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a simple seated massage for stress, headaches and to improve blood flow.
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Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming focuses on how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our behaviour to make positive changes in our lives.
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Reflexology using the thumbs and fingers to stimulate reflex points on the feet or hands to promote healing in the body.
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Menstrual Problems

Womens Health

Using complementary treatments to enhance women’s health – menstruation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause.
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Sometimes it is not clear which therapy would be of most benefit, so please phone to discuss this or to arrange a free inital consultaion. Often more than one therapy is desirable – in this case, a reduction in cost may applie.

Why not have an Indian Head Massage followed by a Reflexology session- head to toe treatment!

And if you find it hard to relax. why not have a full body Aromatherapy massage before your Hypnotherapy session.

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Beliefs are not true. They are constructs around which we organise our behaviour.

So we each behave as if our beliefs were true and for this reason all our beliefs come true, for beliefs, whether empowering or self-limiting are self-fulfilling prophecies.

“Margaret has helped me so much! I have been to Margaret for several things and they have all helped greatly. The most incredible effect was for my phobia of the dentist.

Margaret treated me for it in two sessions and I went on to have two teeth implanted. I cannot believe effect of the hypnotherapy, I could have practically dozed off in the dentist whilst having implants done! I was that relaxed! Even the dentist was really impressed as he knew how I had been, even in the consultation.

It is also really helpful that Margaret gives you a recording of the session so you can listen again, which is great.”


“I went to see Margaret for my fear of water. She put me at ease the moment I met her and she really listened to my worries. After my sessions I felt amazing, so confident, content and very positive.

I have been able to achieve so much from going to the pool by myself, feeling happy in the water and so much calmer when in the water. I can now walk in the middle of the pool and feel confident doing so.

I know it may not sound much to some people but it is s huge achievement for me. I would highly recommend Margaret to anyone who wants to overcome their fears.”


Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Food Intolerance Testing, Indian Head Massage & Thermo-Auricular Therapy for Ashford & the surrounding area.

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