Indian Head Massage

A complementary therapy using seated massage

Indian Head Massage is a traditional Indian technique of treating the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and scalp with the recipient remaining clothed.
Working on both a physical and a psychological level its techniques represent a de-stressing programme for the whole body.

By massaging the head and shoulders, energies will become rebalanced and a general feeling of relaxation will be achieved for the whole body.

It can improve blood flow to the head and neck, which increases the distribution of nutrients to encourage healing within the whole body.

This treatment is portable as it only needs a chair. It does not require the client to undress & uses no oils.

Relieves physical and mental fatigue
Relieves headaches, neck/back ache, eyestrain
Relieves depression, anxiety, insomnia
Improves concentration levels
Improves memory and mental alertness
Increases energy levels

Indian Head Massage

COST: 30 minute treatment £20

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Indian Head Massage for Ashford, Kent & Beyond

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